Sue Daugherty | Achievements

Sue Daugherty

"Well behaved women seldom make history"

It’s gratifying to work in an environment that affords the opportunity to innovate and be the catalyst on a broad range of issues.  I enjoy the latitude to influence legislation, address consumer issues from a geriatric perspective, and break down ageist biases.  It is exciting work that makes a lasting difference.



  • All of the organization’s daily operating policies, procedures and operations
  • Hired, trained the organization’s staff & volunteers


Developed & Implemented

  • OSHIIP Volunteer Medicare Counseling Program
  • Serving Our Seniors-Alzheimer’s Association Partnership Pilot Project
  • Financial Elder Abuse Investigator – Pilot Project in Partnership with Erie County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Serving Our Seniors Magazine
  • Out of Town Transportation Program
  • Rural Home Delivered Meals Program
  • Rural Congregate Lunch Program
  • Ray & Marian Koch Memorial Fund for Urgent Needs
  • Insulin Project
  • Hearing Aid Project
  • Denture Project
  • Dental Care Project
  • Ramps Program
  • High School Gerontology Practicum
  • Problem Solving & Advocacy Program
  • Affordable Medications Program/Ohio’s 1st Community-based Drug Repository Program
  • Collaboration on Transportation
  • Minor Home Maintenance & Repairs Program
  • Personal Care & Housekeeping Program
  • Custom advocate/client software
  • Serving Our Seniors website
  • Computer Servers & backup system