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Sue Daugherty

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The Nuances of Leadership – Character and Integrity

Posted on April 2nd, 2017

I prize the fact that I am able to go to work each day and know that I can make decisions on a set of principles/values based on honesty and integrity.  I consider myself very fortunate that I work in a culture that supports “doing the right thing”.  I value working in an environment that values integrity.

Not everyone is quite so fortunate.Employees are often in a position of having to sacrifice their personal & professional ethical code of conduct to remain employed.There are companies that intentionally hire people they can lead, because they know that individual stands for nothing. That type of individual makes the perfect “figurative leader”.  He/she is one who can be easily led by those above him/her.

As you aspire to accomplish more as leader, be aware that YOU set the tone and the standards of what is acceptable behavior. This will affect what others will ask you to do/not ask you to do.Do you know what you stand for? Can you be bought? Do you work at creating an illusion of who you are, by talking out of both sides of your mouth? Or are you one where your words and your actions are consistent with each other?

If you haven’t already done so, take a personal inventory of the code of ethics that you live and work by. Determine for yourself the extent to which you are willing go to be a role model for what you believe. What are you willing to say “no” to in order to uphold those principles? Are you willing to lose your job for it? Once you have made these determinations for yourself, you will find that this is your rudder. It is what will guide you when confronted with difficult circumstances. It will give you the courage to provide the necessary direction.

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